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We can work with any budget - big or small to create your perfect space. Please pop along and see us at our fully equipped showroom to see what we can offer.

A Guide to Kitchen Worktops

I. Introduction

At Matthew James Kitchens, we appreciate how vital it is to make carefully considered decisions when crafting the ideal kitchen. A key component that has a significant impact on both function and aesthetic is undoubtedly the worktop. From its day-to-day use in meal preparation to serving as a standout design feature, the choice of kitchen worktop shapes the feel and flow of what truly is the heart of your home.

With the remarkable variety of worktop materials available today — each with its individual allure — making the right choice can appear challenging. Whether your eye is drawn to the sleek durability of Dekton, the warm authenticity of solid hardwood or the intricate beauty of natural stone, understanding each material’s pros and cons will help steer your kitchen design in the right direction.

Therefore, in this guide, we delve into a comprehensive overview of several worktop materials: Corian, Dekton, laminate and solid laminate, real wood, natural stone, glass, and manmade stone. Our aim is to detail the strengths and considerations of each type, assisting you in finding the worktop that effortlessly meshes with your lifestyle and refinement.

So, let us commence our exploration into understanding these varied materials, guiding you in curating your dream kitchen with informed confidence.

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II. Corian Worktops

We begin our journey in the world of kitchen worktops with the marvel that is Corian. Developed by the visionaries at DuPont, Corian is a high-tech surface material that holds a commendable position in the panorama of modern kitchen design.

So what makes Corian so interesting and unique? It is a composite blend of acrylic polymer and natural minerals, primarily aluminium trihydrate (sourced from bauxite), which, when crafted with precision and expertise, can create stunning designs that resonate with the aesthetic spirit of contemporary lifestyles.

One cannot mention Corian without highlighting its durability. This wonderful material is not just visually pleasing, but also impressively hard-wearing. It dismisses the worry of accidental stains and avoids the irksome visit from your local repairman by offering seamless reparability. Moreover, Corian poses no challenge to cleaning, making it the perfect friend for enthusiastic cooks and families living life at full throttle.

Now, let’s talk about design flexibility, which is an essential benefit of Corian. With the capability of being seamlessly moulded to virtually any shape, this material lends itself beautifully to bespoke design, allowing us to cater to your wildest kitchen fantasies. What’s more, it comes in a delightful array of vibrant and neutral colours, leaving no stone unturned in matching your personal aesthetic.

We’ve had the pleasure of incorporating Corian into many kitchen designs at Matthew James Kitchens. For example, in a recent project in Blackwell, we utilised the seamless properties of Corian to create an elegant, flowing kitchen island — providing the homeowner with a hard-wearing, yet visually captivating central hub for their kitchen.

Corian maintains its position as a preferred choice for those who seek a balance of functionality, durability, and design flexibility. It aligns with our ethos here at Matthew James Kitchens as we strive to craft kitchens that are more than just a room, but rather an embodiment of your lifestyle, aspirations, and memories.

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III. Dekton Worktops

Moving on from the balancing act of Corian, let’s meet a resilient contender in the world of kitchen worktops – the formidable Dekton. Born out of advanced technology, Dekton is the brainchild of the pioneering team at Cosentino, bringing into existence an unrivalled blend of raw materials used in producing glass, porcelain and high-quality quartz surface materials.

The makings of Dekton are more than just a simple assembly line. It is a product of an innovative ultra-compaction process, simulating what Mother Nature takes thousands of years to achieve in a highly pressurised, textural metamorphosis. The result is a kitchen worktop material that poses a real challenge to traditional options, with attributes truly in a class of its own.

But what sets a Dekton worktop apart from the rest? It boasts a unique trifecta of desirable features: resilience to heat, resistance to scratches and an imperviousness to stains. Not to mention, a Dekton worktop has an ultra-solid surface, making it an excellent choice for those who relish frequent cooking endeavours and appreciate a well-earned longevity in their kitchen’s lifespan.

At Matthew James Kitchens, we have successfully integrated the robust charm of Dekton into many kitchen projects, to the delight of our clients. In a recent kitchen transformation in Romsley, we took advantage of Dekton’s durability and colour range to create a striking island worktop that effortlessly became the centrepiece of the room. Paired with a custom-designed kitchen, the result was a unique space that catered to the family’s needs whilst effortlessly accentuating their design preferences.

With Dekton, you receive more than just a worktop; it’s an investment in longevity and aesthetic excellence, which aligns perfectly with our mission at Matthew James Kitchens, where we don’t merely construct kitchens – we cultivate spaces for experiences, designed around you and your unique lifestyle.

Parapan High Gloss Kitchen - Romsley 3

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IV. Laminate and Solid Laminate Worktops

Delving into the world of laminate worktops, it’s clear to see why these have grown to be such popular choices amongst homeowners. Laminate is the chameleon of the kitchen world, offering a range of colours, patterns, and textures that can convincingly mimic pricier materials like wood, stone, or quartz. It’s a testament to that age-old saying: style needn’t be sacrificed in the name of affordability.

Laminate worktops, while being lauded for their pocket-friendly appeal, also offer a robust performance, resisting heat and impact to a reasonable degree. Their low-maintenance nature makes them a breeze to care for, ideal for bustling households and avid chefs who’d rather pour their time into their culinary adventures than upkeep.

However, it’s worth noting that all laminate is not created equal. Enter the world of solid laminate worktops, a new generation of high-pressure laminates. As the name suggests, these worktops boast an even more substantial and robust construction, driving up their durability compared to standard laminates. While they maintain the budget-friendly appeal of their predecessor, they offer a higher resistance to scratches, heat, and water, making them a popular choice for families and busy households.

The decision between laminate and solid laminate lies in your budget, lifestyle, and the aesthetic you’re aiming for. At Matthew James Kitchens, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate that decision with transparency and expertise.

One such instance of laminate’s versatility can be seen in a kitchen refurbishment we completed in Kings Heath. The homeowners wanted a stylish yet economical solution for their space. Drawing on our wealth of design knowledge, we utilised a white, square edge laminate worktop, which successfully imbued the kitchen with a sense of lightness and classic elegance without stretching their budget.

With laminate you can leverage the toughness and design flexibility of a solid laminate worktop, creating a robust, easy-care surface that beautifully complements and stands up to an energetic lifestyle.

Whether it’s laminate or solid laminate, Matthew James Kitchens is committed to materialising your vision, transforming your kitchen into a functional, aesthetic, and welcoming heart of your home.

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V. Real Wood Worktops

Transitioning from the modernity of laminates, let’s now immerse ourselves in the timeless charms of real wood worktops. Evoking feelings of warmth, beauty, and a certain homely allure, real wood has seated itself firmly on the throne of perennial style in kitchen design.

Real wood worktops showcase the wonders of nature’s bounty in their unique grain patterns, rich colours ranging from sun-kissed blondes to deep, enigmatic brunettes, and even very distinct features like knots and whorls. Of course, it’s not just about aesthetics; wood also has an inherent durability that, when treated right, can stand the test of time.

When deliberating over a real wood worktop, certain essential considerations come into play. A key aspect is the need for regular maintenance and upkeep. A wooden worktop must be oiled regularly to conserve its beauty and integrity.

Another discerning factor is the type of wood — each species has its particular character, colour, and durability. Oak tops the popularity list with its remarkable strength and traditional appeal. Walnut follows close behind, offering a sophisticated dark finish that can instil a strong, dramatic accent to your kitchen.

Here at Matthew James Kitchens, we’ve had the privilege to hone our craftsmanship with various wood types through numerous projects. We recently renovated a Belbroughton kitchen with a magnificent oak worktop that added an undeniable warmth to the space, softening the sleek lines of the light shaker cabinets. Our experienced carpenters ensured the grain and hue of the wood were expertly showcased, creating a harmonious blend between the natural and manmade elements.

In the realm of real wood worktops, it’s not just a choice; it’s a commitment to a way of life. And Matthew James Kitchens stands tall to aid you on this exciting journey, shaping kitchens that are not just a testament to your taste but also a homage to nature’s luxury.

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VI. Natural Stone Worktops

As we continue our exploration of kitchen worktop materials, we find ourselves standing before the breathtaking splendour of natural stone. This category of worktops boasts a star-studded lineup of granite, marble, and more, each offering its unique flair, making your kitchen a testament to nature’s artistic capabilities.

Granite, being the embodiment of strength and resilience, offers a vast range of patterns and colours; each slab has its distinctive personality. Its resistance to heat and scratches makes it a worthy opponent to the wear and tear of daily kitchen activities.

Meanwhile, marble brings a touch of timeless elegance, associated with luxury and sophistication. Its veining patterns can be strikingly bold or subtly understated, providing an inimitable aesthetic diversity. But it’s not just about beauty—marble keeps a cool surface that makes it a pleasure to work on, particularly for baking enthusiasts.

The allure of natural stone lies in its singularity. Each slab tells a different story—no two worktops will ever look exactly alike. Then there’s durability—stone worktops are built to gracefully endure time, offering a legacy quality that ensures they just keep getting better with age.

At Matthew James Kitchens, we’ve proudly integrated natural stone into several of our designs. There was a recent project in Cofton Hackett where granite was the star. The distinctive patterning coupled with rich hues brought a sense of subtle drama and lasting functionality to the kitchen, making every cooking venture a pleasurable experience.

Natural stone worktops are, without a doubt, a celebration of individuality and grandeur in kitchen aesthetics. And at Matthew James Kitchens, we salute this celebration, crafting spaces that pay homage to the art of Mother Nature herself, while reverberating with your personal style and sensibility.

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VII. Manmade Stone Worktops

With the timeless charm of natural stone, you might wonder what manmade stone could bring to the table. Quite a lot, as it turns out! Manmade stone, also known as engineered stone, offers a seamless blend of the resplendence of natural materials and the versatility of human design.

Manmade stone worktops are typically composed of approximately 90% natural quartz crystals, one of the strongest minerals on earth, and a mix of resins, pigments, and polymers. This concoction is moulded under intense pressure and heat, effectively creating a non-porous, uniform stone with durability to rival that of pure stone.

The decision to go down the manmade stone route brings numerous benefits to the table, quite literally. These worktops are cost-effective, offering an opulence similar to pure stone at a friendlier price point. Plus, they come in a spectacular variety of colours and patterns, unrivalled by any natural material. Moreover, they’re resistant to stains, scratches, and heat, making them a highly practical choice, especially in bustling kitchens.

At Matthew James Kitchens, we’ve had many opportunities to integrate manmade stone worktops into our designs. For example, in a sleek, shaker kitchen revamp in Burcot, we introduced a polished, grey quartz worktop that not just complemented the light shaker cabinetry, but also brought a durable, easy-maintenance surface into the home.

In essence, manmade stone worktops demonstrate that the merging of human ingenuity and nature’s resilience can result in extraordinarily versatile and visually stunning surfaces. And Matthew James Kitchens is adeptly poised to guide you on this colourful journey to transform your kitchen into a space that authentically resonates with your style and aspirations.

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VIII. Glass Worktops

Diving into the innovative territories of kitchen design brings us next to the sleek incorporation of glass worktops. Once considered just the purview of commercial establishments, glass has stylishly ventured into private home kitchen decor, adding an undeniable cutting-edge and contemporary appeal.

Glass worktops illuminate your kitchen space with their gleaming surfaces, reflecting light to give an airy, spacious feel. These worktops are a designer’s delight, providing a neutral yet luxurious palette that flawlessly blends in with any kitchen aesthetic, be it minimalistic or opulent.

In terms of practicality, glass worktops are a dream. Their non-porous nature makes them highly resistant to stains, ensuring any spillages can be cleaned up with remarkable ease. Hygienic and toughened to resist heat and impact, glass worktops bring style and sensibility hand in hand.

The realm of glass worktops is one of pristine elegance and clean lines, adding a polished edge to your kitchen design. At Matthew James Kitchens, we’re here to help you navigate this modern trend, modelling your kitchen space to be a mirror image of your personal aesthetic and lifestyle.

IX. Wrapping Up

Reflecting on our journey through the diverse world of kitchen worktop materials, it’s evident that the choice of a worktop isn’t merely a decision. It’s a declaration – of your aesthetic preferences, lifestyle, and functional needs. It can lend character to your kitchen, transforming it from a simple cooking space to a personalised haven where comfort meets efficiency.

From the timeless appeal of real wood and the artistic splendour of natural stone to the innovative aesthetics of glass and versatility of manmade stone, each material opens the door to a unique experience. Whether your style veers towards the classic or contemporary, understanding the array of options empowers you to make a choice that fully aligns with your home and heart.

At Matthew James Kitchens, we find joy in this diversity, cherishing the opportunity to deliver bespoke kitchen solutions tailored to your individual needs. Regardless of material, design, or vision, our commitment remains a constant: To craft kitchens that are not only visually appealing but also intimately entwined with your lifestyle, functional needs, and character.

After all, the essence of a perfect kitchen lies not just in the beauty of its design, but the memories it helps create and the experience it nurtures. And, rest assured, this credence forms the solid bedrock of our passion as we continue to shape kitchens, one worktop at a time.

When you’re ready to add a touch of luxury to your home, you can trust Matthew James Kitchens to help you create the perfect kitchen space.

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