Franke Sinks and Taps

Matthew James Kitchens offer a wide range of Franke sinks and taps. Franke are so confident in the quality of manufacture that they offer a 50 year guarantee on all Franke sinks. 

Whatever your dream kitchen looks like and whatever you enjoy doing in it, there’s a Franke sink to suit.  From traditional style to modern design, every Franke sink offers exquisite craftsmanship. Let your imagination run free with a range of fabulous options to help you maximise space and accentuate the look of the entire room.

Find your perfect look

  • Stainless Steel – classic elegance with real practical benefits. Very hygienic and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.
  • Fragranite – beautiful durability that resists heat damage and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Ceramic – harder than metal, scratch-resistant and super hygienic.
  • Tectonite – an exciting and unique material. Perfect for a minimalist look and
    available in a range of designs and colours.

With kitchen design playing a key role in home improvement, the future of the kitchen has arrived with the introduction of instant boiling water taps. Franke Boiling water taps offer hot, cold and instant 100°C boiling water to save time, energy and water in a single stylish, convenient and space-saving unit.

You can now cook vegetables, create pasta dishes, sterilise babies’ bottles and make tea or coffee quicker than ever before with100°C boiling water available instantly.

The tap is one of the most constantly used items in your kitchen. So Franke place huge importance on creating products that stand the test of time and make your kitchen a more wonderful place to cook and entertain.

From extravagant to purist. From SilkSteel finish to polished Chrome. Whether you prefer a flexible, pull-out spray or filtered water, the Franke tap range meets every need in every kitchen. Your favourite Franke tap will be the perfect complement to your ideal Franke sink.

To see the full range of Franke sinks and taps that we offer pop into our showroom to view the brochure and any models that we have on display.