If there’s one space in the home where getting the lighting right is absolutely critical, it’s the kitchen. To get the perfect lighting scheme, consider your aesthetic aims as well as your practical needs. After all the kitchen is often considered as the hub of the home. 

Task lighting does exactly what the name suggests; it is perfectly positioned to ensure the kitchen is an efficient working space for everyday tasks like food preparation.  Typically, kitchen task lighting is positioned under wall units to illuminate the worktop, giving light exactly where it is needed.

Often the kitchen is used as a social space as well as a practical one, so the integration of mood lighting provides an additional depth to the room and a change in atmosphere when required. Consider lighting along the plinth, up lighting above wall units,lighting beneath breakfast bars or on the underside of a worktop. Lighting the interior of glass fronted cabinets to show off your finest glassware.

Convenience lighting illuminates cupboards and drawers when opened for ultimate ease of use.  A beautiful extra which adds the ultimate finishing touch and brings a level of luxury to any kitchen design.

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