At Matthew James Kitchens we offer a wide range of NEFF appliances. NEFF ovens are designed to inspire even the most seasoned cookaholic.  With functions and features to perfect your favourite dishes. NEFF have designed a solution to meet every requirement.  From revolutions in steam cooking to their unique CircoTherm® fan system; there’s a programme to complement even the most creative dishes.

CircoTherm® is a unique, efficient and energy saving feature. CircoTherm® has an innovative high-performance fan which ensures even heat distribution. It allows you to cook at low temperatures on three levels of the oven.

In conclusion, you can bake, roast and cook on all levels and everything will come out tasting like it’s supposed to; with no intermingling of flavours.

In addition, with innovative features like the Slide & Hide oven door, full touch control panels,and seamless combination: their installation is a solution for every cookaholic!

NEFF have a wide range of fridges and freezers. So there is something for everyone, including their Fresh Safe range which keeps ingredients fresher for up to 3 timeslonger; retaining vital nutrients and locking in flavour.

A NEFF dishwasher is designed with creative cooks in mind.  That means that even the most bubbled-over oven dishes, baked on ramekins and caramelised grill pans will still come out beautifully clean with their Chef 70 programme; which has with a hotter setting and powerful spray. Therefore, to see the full range of NEFF appliances pop into our showroom. See some of the models in our fully working display or view the full NEFF brochure.