We can work with any budget to create your perfect space. Please pop along and see us at our fully equipped showroom to see what we can offer. Finance options available.


We can work with any budget - big or small to create your perfect space. Please pop along and see us at our fully equipped showroom to see what we can offer.

Luxury Kitchens a Guide for Your Home

Luxurious Kitchen Makeover: Tips for Transforming Your Space

Imagine stepping into a kitchen where the rich essence of luxury marries flawless functionality. The quintessential luxury kitchen is not just a feast for the eyes but a meticulously designed sanctuary tailor-made to ease and elevate the art of cooking and entertaining. Such transformations demand an awareness of essential design principles and material selections that define opulence combined with purpose.

High-end kitchen renovations focus on the harmony of exceptional materials, fine craftsmanship, and cutting-edge design. Whether you aim to infuse the warmth of classic elegance or the sleekness of modern style, a luxury kitchen makeover necessitates a convergence of comfort, style, and utility.

We dissect the anatomy of luxury kitchen makeovers, from maximizing space to extracting personal flair, explore how Matthew James Kitchens becomes the quintessential artisan in crafting a kitchen that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

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Key Elements to Consider in Luxury Kitchen Design

When envisioning your dream kitchen, imagine a space where luxury blends with personal style and high functionality. The key elements to consider in luxury kitchen design shape not just the aesthetics but also define your experience within the space.

Central to this vision is the kitchen island—an essential feature that serves as both a social hub and a practical workspace. A carefully chosen island, topped with premium materials like granite or marble, invites both conviviality and culinary creativity.

Cabinetry, another cornerstone of the luxurious kitchen, speaks volumes about craftsmanship and attention to detail. Opting for solid woods such as cherry or mahogany can offer an enduring elegance and rich texture to your kitchen. Custom design options here can range from modern minimalism to classic opulence, ensuring your kitchen’s aesthetic aligns harmoniously with your home’s character.

Backsplashes are not just functional elements but also powerful visual statements. When made from glass tiles or natural stones like travertine or marble, they infuse the space with an artful quality, elevating the environment to a gallery of personal taste.

Furthermore, luxury in the kitchen extends to the quality of the tools and appliances. Stainless steel pots, pans, and top-line appliances aren’t merely practical necessities but symbolic features of a luxury kitchen’s commitment to quality and performance.

Whether modern or traditional, a bespoke luxury kitchen is tailored to the individual, highlighting unique design elements, embedding the latest technology, and maximizing space with clever layouts that consider every inch of the room. Such kitchens serve not only as display centres for beautiful design but also as fully functional spaces that cater to your unique cooking and entertaining style.

Incorporating Quality Materials

Any luxury kitchen worth its salt showcases a collection of high-end materials that define its grandeur. Materials such as genuine marble surfaces, stainless steel accents, and authentic hardwood floors are the hallmarks of luxury modern kitchens.


A fine kitchen is tailored to match its owner’s needs, boasting both style and functionality. Central to this are the worktops, and we’re here to ensure you make an informed choice, championing durability and elegance in equal measure.

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Corian: Synthesis of Beauty and Innovation

Corian, a surface material we’re pretty fond of at Matthew James Kitchens, embodies versatile beauty and engineering prowess. A marvel born from advanced science and an artisan’s touch, Corian worktops offer unparalleled seamlessness, bending to the whims of your kitchen’s layout with smooth contours and flowing lines. 


  • Seamless Integration: Corian worktops offer a fluid, seamless appeal unmatched by most materials. Their ability to be moulded and fitted without visible joints provides a clean, continuous surface that is as beautiful as it is practical.

  • Design Versatility: With an extensive range of colours and patterns available, Corian surfaces can be tailored to fit the aesthetic of any home. This versatility ensures that every kitchen can reflect the homeowner’s style.

  • Repairable and Renewable: Accidents in the kitchen are inevitable, but with Corian, most minor scratches and damages can be easily repaired, restoring your worktop to its original state and ensuring longevity.


  • Heat Sensitivity: While durable in many aspects, Corian worktops can be susceptible to heat damage. It’s essential to use protective mats or trivets when placing hot items directly on the surface.

  • Cost: The bespoke nature and the craftsmanship involved in fabricating and installing Corian can make it an investment higher than some other materials but one that many find worthwhile for its durability and bespoke finish.

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Quartz: The Contemporary Choice

Quartz worktops present a practical and fashionable solution, a testament to their widespread popularity. These tough surfaces are composite, blending natural quartz with resins to create a non-porous, hygienic worktop that laughs in the face of stains and spills. 


  • Robust Durability: Quartz worktops are renowned for their durability. Composed of natural quartz and resin, they are resistant to scratches, chips, and stains, making them a practical choice for a bustling kitchen environment.

  • Non-Porous Surface: The non-porous nature of Quartz means it resists staining much more effectively than porous natural stones. This quality also makes it hygienic, as it inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould.

  • Consistency in Colour and Pattern: Quartz offers a uniform appearance in colour and pattern. This can be particularly appealing for those seeking a consistent look across their kitchen worktops – a hallmark of modern design highly valued in millions of kitchens.


  • Limited Heat Resistance: Quartz worktops, while resistant to many kitchen hazards, do not fare well under extreme heat. It’s advisable to avoid direct contact with hot pots and appliances to prevent damage.

  • Seams May Be Visible: Depending on the length and layout of your kitchen worktops, seams on Quartz surfaces may be visible, which could interrupt the seamless aesthetic desired by some homeowners.

  • UV Sensitivity: If installed in areas with prolonged sun exposure, Quartz may discolour over time. Careful consideration should be given to the placement of Quartz worktops in sunlit kitchens to maintain their beauty.

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Dekton Porcelain: The Vanguard of Innovation

Dekton surfaces boast exceptional thermal resistance. These porcelain worktops can weather scorching pots and pans straight from the stove without a single sign of distress. The material’s hardness is such that it could dull the sharpest of blades before suffering a scratch. 


  • Unparalleled Durability: Dekton porcelain emerges as a paragon of durability, boasting exceptional resistance to scratches, stains, and heat. This resiliency makes it a fitting centrepiece for bustling kitchen environments.

  • UV Resistance: A character that genuinely sets Dekton apart is its ability to withstand the unfading force of sunlight, ensuring its colour remains as vibrant and inviting as the day it was installed, a quality that benefits the sun-drenched spaces in our homes.

  • Low Maintenance: Requiring minimal upkeep, Dekton surfaces are easily cleaned with simple measures, offering peace of mind to the dynamic families and avid entertainers within our community.


  • Pricing: The innovative manufacturing process and material properties of Dekton can be reflected in its cost; investing in its durable nature and timeless appeal is a consideration of value over time.

  • Limited Reparability: Should damage occur, the very resilience that defines Dekton’s character also makes it more challenging to repair, necessitating professional assessment and solutions.

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Granite: The Essence of Natural Splendour

Granite, the earth’s artistry crystallized through the ages, provides a classic charm and a robust surface. Each slab is a testament to nature’s splendour, offering depth and unique patterns. 


  • Unique Beauty: Every slab of granite tells a tale as ancient as the earth itself, with no two pieces ever the same. This unparalleled uniqueness adds a profound depth of character and luxury to kitchens all over.

  • Robustness: With its inherent strength, granite withstands the rigours of daily kitchen activities, being particularly forgiving with heat — a natural companion for the passionate home chef.

  • Value Addition: Incorporating granite into your kitchen not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but can significantly enhance the overall market value of your home, a key consideration for our discerning clientele who see beyond the present.


  • Porous Nature: Granite requires sealing upon installation and periodic resealing to protect against staining and bacteria growth—a minor homage to its natural grandeur in exchange for enduring beauty.

  • Weight: The sheer weight of granite mandates that cabinetry must be evaluated for its capacity to support this majestic material, a factor expertly assessed by our experienced team at Matthew James Kitchens.

  • Cost Variability: The price of granite can vary widely depending on its origin, rarity, and colour, making it a material that offers both entry-level accessibility and exclusive luxury.

Marble: A Testament to Timeless Elegance

At Matthew James Kitchens, we appreciate the unique beauty that marble brings to each kitchen, turning everyday spaces into realms of culinary inspiration and familial joy.


  • Unique Aesthetics: With its veining and the interplay of light and natural colour, each piece of marble is distinct. No other material offers the same inviting warmth or sophisticated pattern, ensuring your kitchen stands out in both style and individuality.

  • Natural Coolness: Marble remains naturally cool, resisting any heat conduction. This makes it an ideal surface for baking and pastry making, where temperature control is paramount.

  • Adds Real Estate Value: Marble is more than just a material; it’s a significant investment into the value of your home. The luxury and allure it adds are undeniable, potentially increasing your home’s market appeal and value.


  • Porous Nature: Being naturally porous, marble can be prone to staining if not regularly sealed. Spills from common acidic substances like lemon juice, wine, and tomato sauce can mar its beauty if not attended to promptly.

  • Susceptibility to Scratches and Chips: Marble can show wear from knives and other kitchen tools more easily than harder stones like granite or quartz. Regular care and mindful use are essential to maintain its pristine appearance.

  • Maintenance Requirements: To preserve its elegance, marble requires periodic sealing and careful maintenance. This commitment to upkeep ensures its longevity and sustained beauty, making it a choice for those who truly value the art of preservation.

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Laminate Worktops: Practical Elegance

Laminate worktops offer functional elegance, diverse styles that can effortlessly complement any kitchen design, from the traditional warmth to contemporary chic. This versatile option replicates the look of more expensive materials without straining your budget, allowing for a touch of luxury even in the most modest of homes.


  • Cost-Effective: Laminate worktops offer a stylish solution without the high costs associated with natural stone or wood, giving you the freedom to allocate your resources to other areas of your kitchen or home.

  • Variety of Designs: With advancements in manufacturing, laminate now boasts an array of patterns and textures, emulating the aesthetic of granite, wood, or even quartz to tailor your space to your exact desires.

  • Low Maintenance: Resistant to staining and easy to clean, laminate surfaces simplify kitchen upkeep, perfect for the bustling of family life.


  • Susceptibility to Damage: While modern laminates are durable, they are not immune to scratches or heat; care should be taken to protect the surface to ensure its longevity.

  • Perception: Some may view laminate as less prestigious than natural materials, a consideration for those looking to maximize the resale value of their home.

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Real Wood Worktops: Timeless Character

Embracing natural wood worktops is akin to weaving a piece of nature’s timeless beauty into the heart of your home. Each piece tells a story, with its grains and textures bringing a unique character to your kitchen that only grows richer with time.


  • Warmth and Beauty: The natural aesthetic of wood brings a warmth and inviting atmosphere that synthetic materials struggle to replicate.

  • Individuality: No two pieces of wood are exactly alike, ensuring your worktop will be as unique as your home. This quality speaks to discerning homeowners who value originality and craftsmanship.

  • Eco-Friendly: For the environmentally conscious, wood is a renewable resource, and sourcing from sustainable forests ensures your kitchen aligns with values of stewardship and sustainability.


  • Maintenance: Wood requires regular treatment to preserve its beauty and functionality, including oiling or sealing to prevent water damage and keep away stains.

  • Vulnerability to Damage: Though beloved for its aesthetics, wood can be prone to scratches, dents, and water damage if not correctly cared for, highlighting the need for mindful use and maintenance.

Choosing a worktop is more than mere selection—it’s an addition to your home’s story. At Matthew James Kitchens, you aspire to find a home in our craftsmanship. We invite you to explore the seamless grandeur of Corian, a harmonious centrepiece for your everyday culinary canvas. Together, we craft not just kitchens but legacies of warmth and welcome.


In Luxury modern kitchens, every material is selected for its contribution to the overall design narrative. Whether it’s the warm embrace of exotic woods, the incredible precision of rare stones, or the cutting-edge appeal of integrated technology, these elements work in concert to forge an atmosphere of both sophistication and durability.

Maintaining these luxurious spaces is simplified through the choice of easy-to-care materials without sacrificing their timeless beauty. A regular regimen of wiping surfaces with a clean, dry cloth, for example, can preserve the pristine look of stainless steel appliances and countertops for years to come.

Embracing Modern Design Principles

The modern luxury kitchen stands at the crossroads of elegance and simplicity, merging high-quality materials and state-of-the-art appliances with the latest in design trends. A luxury modern kitchen favours neutral colour schemes of black, grey, and light neutrals. These shades act as a canvas for injecting personal tastes through art, accessories, or bespoke elements.

Melding tradition with modernity, luxury space can integrate classic touches with contemporary features. This blend can manifest in the combination of natural wood with painted finishes, creating spaces that resonate with various architectural styles or personal preferences.

Functional amenities like underfloor heating, advanced lighting solutions, and high-durability materials such as natural stone or premium wood laminates enhance both the comfort and longevity of the space.

Personalization further imbues a kitchen with individual essence, from custom-painted kitchen ranges matching exclusive palettes like Farrow & Ball to technologically advanced smart appliances.

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Blending Style and Functionality

In the realm of luxury, beauty is more than skin deep—functionality is interwoven with style to create a space that performs as impressively as it looks. Modular systems allow for design flexibility to accommodate changing lifestyles and preferences, reflecting personal needs while maintaining sleek aesthetics.

For those who relish an uncluttered main kitchen space, a pantry is not just a stylish addition but a functional boon. Here, groceries, extra cookware, and appliances can be stored out of sight, keeping the central area pristine and poised for social gatherings or intimate family meals.

A Luxury space will prize storage solutions that are both elegant and practical: slide-out pantries and custom cabinets ensure that everything has its place, streamlining the culinary workflow and keeping countertops clutter-free.

Designing a luxury kitchen involves a careful balance between the aesthetic and the pragmatic, blending decorative aspirations with practical needs to ensure the space fulfils its role as the heart of the home—equally efficient in function and inviting in form.

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Maximizing Space and Storage

In the domain of luxury kitchens, every square inch counts, and maximizing space and storage is a priority that marries elegance with practicality. Designer kitchens today favour minimalist aesthetics, emphasizing meticulously planned design elements that make the most of space. High gloss acrylic kitchen units offer a bespoke option to homeowners, creating a sleek illusion of expansiveness with their lustrous finish and careful attention to detail.

Fitted kitchens are at the heart of tailored space utilization, featuring specialized, innovative solutions such as open shelving that lend an air of spaciousness while serving functional purposes. Slide-out pantries and deep drawers also play their part in the luxury kitchen, enabling quick access and orderly storage of an array of items, from gourmet ingredients to bulky cookware.

Our kitchen designs are complete with user-friendly features that are durable but deliver elegance in their practical use. Sublimely crafted bespoke furniture fits snugly into the unique dimensions of the kitchen, ensuring that no corner is wasted.

Efficient organization within these spaces is realized through custom-crafted solutions, ensuring that every utensil and appliance finds its proper place, adding to the kitchen’s aura of luxury and meticulous organization.

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Utilizing Kitchen Islands for Added Functionality

The kitchen island, often the centrepiece of a luxury kitchen design, is far more than just an aesthetic statement; it’s a bastion of added functionality. To ensure optimal utility, the size and shape of the island must be proportioned to allow for unhindered movement and activity within the kitchen space. With the integration of custom cabinets or drawers, an island becomes not just a workstation but a pivotal organization hub for cookware and utensils.

Kitchen islands offer the versatility to incorporate specialized features such as built-in wine fridges or warming drawers, creating a blend of extravagance and utility. Seating arrangements, plush chairs or stylish bar stools can transform the island into a comfortable space, inviting guests to sit and engage with the chef during meal preparations.

As the multifunctional heart of the kitchen, the island serves numerous roles—from preparing and serving food to becoming a casual breakfast bar or an extra storage unit. Tailoring the island to cater to the kitchen’s various needs truly becomes an indispensable feature, keeping the rest of the kitchen space organized and serene.

Investing in Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

Selecting bespoke kitchen cabinets is a crucial investment for those aiming to craft a luxury kitchen. These custom-designed storage solutions are perfectly tailored to meet the dimensions of an individual space, resulting in maximized storage capacity and a flawless fit that mass-produced units cannot match. Bespoke cabinets are constructed using premium-quality materials and traditional methods, featuring top-tier hinges and runners that safeguard durability and longevity.

Personalization is at the core of bespoke cabinetry, allowing homeowners to dictate everything from the height of worktops to the finishes on door furniture to suit distinct preferences and needs. This liberty in choice extends to the selection of one-of-a-kind materials, appliances, and worktop surfaces, ensuring that each cabinet isn’t just a storage solution but a piece of art that reflects the homeowner’s taste.

Luxury is epitomized through custom considerations such as specific drawer sizes, expansive islands, or soaring floor-to-ceiling pantries that accommodate every culinary gadget and ingredient, underscored by an elegance that generic cabinets cannot offer.

Incorporating Extra Storage Solutions

Storage should be as elegant as it is functional. Intelligent extra storage solutions like innovative slide-out pantries and custom cabinets ensure that every kitchen accessory has a designated place, thereby maintaining a clean and luxurious atmosphere. Pull-out larder units and internal shelving systems deliver efficient storage while keeping countertops uncluttered.

Organized storage systems for dishes, pots, pans, and utensils not only demonstrate an eye for detail but also facilitate seamless daily kitchen operations. To complement the space, high-end appliances can be strategically placed to improve functionality and contribute to the kitchen’s overall design and luxury.

Working with a professional kitchen designer to plan proper storage is integral to achieving a spacious and sumptuous kitchen. A well-thought-out design will incorporate adequate and appropriate storage solutions, harmonizing luxe aesthetics with a practical environment that elevates the art of cooking and entertaining.

Choosing the Right Design Elements

When designing a luxury kitchen, the details matter. High-quality cabinetry forms the foundation of style, with solid cherry or mahogany woods offering rich, intricate detailing for enduring elegance and functionality. High-end materials such as Corian countertops and shimmering glass tiles bring a captivating texture and depth that can serve as the kitchen’s focal points.

For those seeking a timeless aesthetic, bespoke cabinets provide a never-go-out-of-style solution. Whether you’re drawn to the simplicity of the Shaker style or the more elaborate, sumptuous designs, custom cabinetry ensures your kitchen is exclusively yours.

To further personalize your space, consider unique design elements like hand-painted backsplashes or custom range hoods—each choice allows your style to shine. Moreover, to boost functionality and modern convenience, embrace innovative technologies such as touchless faucets, smart refrigerators, and remote-controlled ovens, merging luxury with the latest in kitchen innovation.

Opting for a Classic or Modern Style

Determine whether a classic or modern kitchen theme aligns with your vision for your kitchen. Classic natural wood and painted wood kitchens cater to a wide range of styles, concealing their traditional roots or showcasing contemporary flair based on styling choices.

To infuse classic elegance with modern tech, an AGA stove with touchscreen controls and an induction hob can act as the centrepiece of a traditional kitchen. A natural stone floor, like limestone with its unique veining, adds to the splendour while remaining quintessentially timeless.

Meanwhile, a modern kitchen might feature a handle less High Gloss finish for a sleek, space-saving look that radiates craftsmanship, for those who appreciate heritage and craftsmanship, classic Shaker kitchens offer a plush yet practical design choice that never loses its luxurious appeal.

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Incorporating Premium and Natural Materials

Luxurious is synonymous with the use of premium and natural materials. Countertops crafted from marble, quartzite, or granite stone stand out for their beauty and robustness. At the same time, the flooring of choice includes elegant natural stone, warm hardwood, LVT and stylish ceramic tiles. Each material is selected not just for aesthetics but for enduring quality.

Enhance your kitchen’s visual appeal with decorative backsplashes and kitchen wall tiles that serve as a feast for the eyes. To inject a high-end touch, incorporate metallic accents like brass, copper, or gold for faucet and handle finishes.

Adding a Touch of Opulence with Appliances

The essence of luxury in the kitchen extends to state-of-the-art appliances. Professional-grade ranges, built-in refrigerators, and lacquered finishes on hardware distinguish a luxury kitchen from a standard one. Top-tier appliances (like Bora) not only enhance cooking experiences but also anchor the kitchen’s aesthetic as focal art pieces.

Bespoke luxury kitchen designers are mindful of eco-friendly practices, often emphasizing sustainably sourced materials alongside energy-efficient appliances, aligning luxury with environmental stewardship. Though the investment is substantial, the longevity and timeless design of these kitchens justify the initial spending. With regular upkeep, luxury kitchens maintain their stylish appearance and functionality, ensuring minimal effort for cleaning and maintenance over time.

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Adding Your Personal Touch

Transforming a kitchen into a reflection of your identity and preferences goes beyond the selection of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art appliances. It invites the infusion of bespoke features, such as the tailored design of a centre island, a chic wine cellar, or a modern coffee station. These personalized details not only serve as functional additions but also act as pivotal points that speak volumes about your lifestyle and culinary passions.

Art pieces and thoughtfully selected decorative accessories contribute an additional layer of individuality to a luxury kitchen. These items can narrate your journey or showcase your taste, making the space not just luxurious but also uniquely yours.

Integrating such tailored touches, like a handcrafted kitchen island or a built-in wine fridge, transitions your kitchen from merely a beautiful backdrop to a dream space that aligns intricately with your desires and needs.

Reflecting Your Style

This space represents a tapestry of your inspirations, a place where contrasts may co-exist harmoniously to project the unique story of your life. By sidestepping fleeting design trends and concentrating on a style that epitomizes your individuality, your luxury kitchen attains a timeless charisma, one that resonates with your character and outlives transient fashions.

To achieve this, your kitchen should harmonize with the ambience of your home, sporting textures, colours, and motifs that create a sense of unity and belonging within your abode. In this sanctuary of sophistication and comfort, every hand-selected detail, from the majestic countertop to the artisanal backsplash tile, contributes to a broader narrative that is unequivocally yours.

Customizing Your Kitchen to Suit Your Needs

The pinnacle of luxury is convenience explicitly designed for you. High-end kitchen designers understand this and offer unique storage solutions, such as individually crafted cabinets made to accommodate even the most extensive collections of cookware, ceramics, and stemware. The customization extends to clever design decisions, such as larder cupboards and breakfast nooks with bi-fold doors, which allow for clutter-free countertops.

Maximizing space is also a hallmark of our luxury kitchens, with options like floor-to-ceiling cabinets and walk-in pantries providing ample storage for a well-stocked kitchen.

Why Choose Matthew James Kitchens For Your Bespoke Luxury Kitchen?

When considering a luxury kitchen for your home, Matthew James Kitchens stands out for its exquisite blend of personalization and quality. With the capability to create custom-made designs tailored to individual spaces, whether it involves oversized drawers, expansive islands, or towering pantries, Matthew James Kitchens adapts to your every need, ensuring your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

As a company we are not only committed to luxury but also to sustainability, with eco-friendly practices that ensure your kitchen is as good for the planet as it is for your home. Matthew James Kitchens guarantees precision in both craftsmanship and installation, adding significant long-term value to your property.

Opting for Matthew James Kitchens means opting for a unique narrative within your kitchen’s design, woven with the threads of your personal experiences and ambitions. Your luxury kitchen becomes more than a cooking space — it’s a timeless and unified aesthetic marvel that communicates enduring beauty.

It’s the attention to detail and dedication to merging functionality with luxury that sets Matthew James Kitchens apart, making it the unequivocal choice for those seeking a bespoke kitchen that reflects their personal style and artistry.

Key Elements Matthew James Kitchens Offer

Custom-tailored designs, personalized spaces

Quality and Craftsmanship

Superior craftsmanship, precise installation

Luxury and Sustainability

Blend of opulence with eco-friendly practices

Unique Narrative

Designs that reflect personal stories

Long-term Value

Adds value to properties

Artistic Unity

Timeless design, continuity with environment

Choosing Matthew James Kitchens is an investment in luxurious yet sustainable living, ensuring that your kitchen remains a central, personalized showpiece of your home.

When you’re ready to add a touch of luxury to your home, you can trust Matthew James Kitchens to help you create the perfect kitchen space.

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