We can work with any budget to create your perfect space. Please pop along and see us at our fully equipped showroom to see what we can offer. Finance options available.


We can work with any budget - big or small to create your perfect space. Please pop along and see us at our fully equipped showroom to see what we can offer.

Modern Elegance Meets Countryside Charm

Kitchen Style




26th March 2024

Nestled in the idyllic countryside just a stone’s throw from Droitwich lies a modern new build, the canvas for one of our latest bespoke creations at Matthew James Kitchens.

This discerning couple wanted their kitchen space to reflect the sleek, modern finish of their home’s contemporary architecture while feeling warm and welcoming.

When they searched for a new kitchen, the homeowners wanted one reflecting their vision. They looked at kitchens from several German suppliers before contacting Matthew James. The unparalleled flexibility and unique material palette of Matthew James Kitchens ultimately won them over.

We designed the heart of their home with plywood construction in mind, crafting a solid and distinctive space. This selection allowed us to fashion a proper handle-less kitchen that speaks of modernity and delivers robust endurance. 

These units have a beautiful oak veneer that captures the essence of the natural environment outside. The Fenix 0754 Blue Fez laminate doors and oak MFC cabinets are custom-made and perfectly complement the Smoke Blue colour scheme, which echoes Worcestershire’s peaceful skies and rolling hills.

The delicate art of book-matching the wood veneer reveals the stunning beauty and symmetry. Book matching involves arranging plywood sheets to mirror each other, creating continuity of grain and figure, similar to open book pages. This not only creates visually appealing symmetry but also allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to be displayed more dramatically and in an aesthetically pleasing way. The joint running down the centre resembles the spine of a book, hence the term “bookmatched” veneer.

The Fenix fingerprint veneer is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional performance within this bustling family kitchen.

Our bespoke design continues with Staron Peak worktops, aligning perfectly with the sleek ethos of this home, facilitating a culinary stage that’s as elegant as it is efficient, complete with coved upstands and a recessed hob cut-out, reminiscent of the undisturbed surfaces of calm waters.

Delving deeper into the high-tech heart of this kitchen, you will find a suite of Neff appliances:

  • Neff B57CR22NOB Oven
  • Neff C17MR02NOB Combi Oven/Microwave
  • Neff KI7861SFOG 60/40 Fridge/Freezer
  • Neff S153ITX05G Dishwasher

The revolutionary Bora Pure X venting hob stands proud as the centrepiece, crowned with the instantly hot Quooker tap, a nod to the marriage of tradition and technology.

A look inside the pantry reveals meticulously crafted oak veneer drawers, each a treasure trove of organisation. We incorporated both a bespoke worktop and ample storage, reflecting the multifunctional needs of this household.

In every corner, a story is illuminated; hidden lighting brings both dimension and warmth to the space, crafting an inviting and functional ambience. The pull-out bin system exemplifies our belief that a kitchen is as practical as it is beautiful, catering to the seamless day-to-day operations of family life.

The utility room was given equal attention to detail. Tall units, articulated with bespoke internal divisions, now host an array of storage options from coat and shoe organisation to cleaning essentials.

At Matthew James Kitchens, we are committed to tailoring designs that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and enduring in their appeal and function. This project has been an exquisite reminder of our devotion to craftsmanship, bespoke solutions, and the power of a beautifully realised kitchen to make a house a home truly.