quooker tap installation

With a Quooker in your home, everything goes faster.
You never need to wait for water to boil. You just fill your saucepan with boiling water, add your vegetables and simply place the saucepan on the cooker.

Besides cold, hot and boiling water, you can then also dispense cool sparkling and filtered water from your tap. Easy, fast and better for the environment.

With a Quooker in your home, you always have cold, hot, 100°C boiling, cool sparkling and filtered water at your fingertips, straight from the tap. Did we mention it can be retrofitted? That’s right – we can install it into any kitchen.

the tap that does it all

Sterilising pacifiers, heating baby food in a double saucepan, making a bottle for the baby. Everything goes much faster.

The Quooker tap collection consists of eleven models. Available in a variety of different finishes. For every kitchen, we have a Quooker to match! 

Make a quick pot of tea. Make filter coffee. Cook pasta. Blanche asparagus. Prepare a bottle of milk for a baby. Pre-heat dinner plates.

Rinse that dirty casserole. You will be amazed by what you will use your Quooker for, including the things you might not even have bought it for. And with the Quooker Flex with it’s extendable hose, rinsing your sink or cleaning that chopping board just became even easier.

Innovation meets practicality

Functionality, design and elegance: this is what Matthew James Kitchens always have in mind when designing and installing kitchens. 

Quooker taps tick all three boxes. It’s fair to say once you have experienced living with a Quooker tap, you wouldn’t be able to live without it.

We can supply and install the whole range of Quooker taps, simply call us on: 01527 836 985 or fill in the contact form below to find out more.


Anyone who needs boiling water several times a day will not use more energy with a Quooker than with a kettle. With a Quooker COMBI tank (which provides both boiling and hot water all from a cold feed), you can even save energy.

This is the first ‘boiler’ in the world with high-vacuum insulation, using 50 percent less energy than a kitchen boiler.


Boiling water, straight from the tap. Is that safe?‘ That’s the most frequently asked question about Quooker. MJ Kitchens can proudly inform you that Quooker is the safest choice for every household. 

The tap’s entire spout is insulated, swivels and is even height adjustable on selected models. When boiling water is being used, a lamp lights up.

The flow of water is delivered as an aerated spray, not a solid jet, preventing the risk of serious scalds or burns. And perhaps most importantly: a Quooker can’t fall over, unlike a kettle or a pan.

we can supply and install quookers full range of taps and accesories