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We can work with any budget - big or small to create your perfect space. Please pop along and see us at our fully equipped showroom to see what we can offer.

Six Tips for Perfecting Your Matt Kitchen Design

The kitchen is an essential cornerstone. It’s the hub of daily activities where morning brews awaken the senses, lively family meals create bonds, and weekend culinary experiments uncover joint joys. We acknowledge the kitchen’s critical role, and we’re committed to ensuring that it not only caters to the needs of each household member but also holds a mirror to your style and taste.

Let’s take a moment to unfurl the ideas behind matt kitchen ideas, a concept that eloquently embraces elegance and simplicity. This design philosophy isn’t just a mere trend – it’s a celebration of timeless beauty and fuss-free maintenance. Stay tuned for our design tips.

The understated charm of a matt design lies in its non-reflective surface that absorbs, rather than reflects light, radiating warmth and serenity in your precious space. It pairs well with practically any interior style, laying claim to a timeless grace that does not let fickle fashion strike it down.

But the real appeal of a matt kitchen extends far beyond these aesthetic advantages. It’s the kind of functional solution every bustling kitchen could benefit from, given its ease of maintenance. In this deftly designed kitchen, spilled sauces and juices no longer serve as a dread.

Unlike glossy finishes that tend to showcase fingerprints and smudges, matt surfaces offer a more forgiving scenario. Its finish hides unsightly streaks and marks, allowing you to focus on the art of cooking rather than constantly battling smudges.

So, allow us to walk you through the journey of designing this practical yet beautifully timeless matt design. Stay tuned as we reveal six crucial tips that will help you perfect the matt finish look in your kitchen, turning it into your home’s heart that both sparkles in its aesthetic appeal and thrives in functional efficacy.

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1. Colour Selection

As we dive into the essence of planning a kitchen, the first stop on our journey involves painting the heart of your home with shades in perfect harmony. The colours you choose for your kitchen indeed set the tone for its vibe and mood, but remember, they can either complement or clash with the rest of your home.

Imagine your kitchen as an artist’s canvas that seamlessly blends with the adjoining panorama, like a fitting piece of a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. The hues on this canvas need to resonate with the rest of your living spaces, making the transitions between rooms both smooth and visually pleasing.

A key colour principle to consider in a matt design is the role of contrast. Just as in a compelling story, the contrasting characters of light and dark shades add intrigue to your kitchen narrative.

Light-coloured matt cabinets, with their subtle charm and gentle glow, work wonders in smaller kitchens. By reflecting light, these cabinets create an illusion of spaciousness, making intimate kitchen spaces feel airier and larger than they are.

On the other hand, the grandeur of dark-coloured matt cabinets is tailor-made for more spacious kitchens. These rich shades veil the abundance of space with an air of luxury, lending your kitchen a touch of elevated sophistication and design-forward allure.

But as rewarding as playing with shades of light and dark can be, don’t restrict your palette to these alone. Earthy and neutral tones are the unsung heroes of the colour world. The understated beauty of a soft grey, the warm embrace of a beige, or the lushness of a rich olive green can breathe life into your kitchen.

These delightful shades are incredibly versatile, pairing splendidly with various textures and finishes while infusing your kitchen with a unique personality. Remember, the right kind of colour palette can effortlessly enhance the timeless elegance and simplicity of your kitchen and can truly let your personality shine.

Contemporary White Matt Kitchen Moseley

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2. Smart Maximisation of Storage

Planning your storage effectively is no lesser art than your colour palette selection. After all, what’s a beautiful kitchen if it doesn’t serve your storage needs effectively?

Adeptly using vertical space is a trick that architects swear by, and it works wonders in a kitchen. Full-height cabinets, stretching from floor to ceiling, can be a gorgeous feature in your kitchen’s design composition. 

Their elegant presence capitalises on vertical space superbly, providing generous storage while making the kitchen look taller and more spacious.

A small kitchen is not synonymous with limited storage when you have corner cabinets and pull-out drawers empowering your storage solutions. These hidden gems adapt seamlessly to the corners of your kitchen topography, providing a home for your cherished kitchen essentials while maintaining the clean lines of your kitchen.

Including open shelving in your kitchen layout is an exciting design play that marries aesthetics and functionality. These transparent troves allow you to personalise your space, proudly displaying your curated collection of cookbooks, quirky kitchenware, or even herb gardens, injecting warmth and personality into your kitchen.

Every kitchen is unique, holding its own set of functional needs. Therefore, one-size-fits-all solutions seldom work when every matter is a priority. That’s why we vouch for bespoke solutions that hinge on custom storage tailored to meet every household’s requirements.

By employing smart storage solutions while keeping aesthetics in mind, you can ensure that your matt kitchen is not just a visual treat but an expertly designed space where practicality takes centre stage.

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3. The Craftsmanship in Material Selection

Sailing further into our journey of kitchen design ideas, we now spotlight a critical area of focus: the careful selection of materials such as kitchen cabinets. This craftsmanship is a testament to balancing durability and easy maintenance, ensuring your new kitchen stands the test of time.

As we revolve around a matt finish, we’re spoilt for choice between laminate, lacquer, or painted cabinets, each with its range of benefits. Laminate finishes are famed for their durability and ease of cleaning, making them a perfect go-to option for bustling family kitchens. Lacquer finishes, on the other hand, open the door to an infinite colour palette, allowing you unprecedented freedom to make your kitchen truly your own. Lastly, painted cabinets, while a touch more traditional, deliver a rich, velvety finish, lending depth and sophistication to your space.

Moving beyond cabinetry, countertops, and backsplashes also warrants careful thought. Here, both practicality and design aesthetics coalesce. Time-tested and stubbornly resistant to stains and scratches, options like quartz and granite have long enjoyed popularity among countertops. Not only do they promise durability, but the interesting veins and speckles add texture and richness to your kitchen décor.

For backsplashes, materials like glass or ceramic are stellar choices in a kitchen setup. While the glossy finish of glass provides a subtle contrast to the matt cabinets, highlighting them beautifully, ceramic tiles in earthy or muted tones enhance the matt’s calming aesthetic.

Material selection is much like choosing the right ingredients for a recipe. While all ingredients are crucial, it is the measured balance between them that elevates a dish, or indeed, a kitchen, from ordinary to sublime.

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4. The Art of Lighting

The stage is set for exploring the art of lighting in your kitchen, a kitchen style factor that exercises notable influence over the space’s ambiance and functionality.

Lighting in a modern kitchen should follow a layered approach, harmonising different types in perfect sync to create a balanced, welcoming space.

First off, let’s stage the scene with ambient lighting, setting the tone for your kitchen’s overall radiance. This style of lighting deploys chandeliers, ceiling lights, or even track lights to envelop your kitchen in a blanket of welcoming light, softly accentuating the matt finish of your cabinets and the carefully selected colours of your kitchen.

But in a space as functional as a kitchen, mere ambient light isn’t enough. Enter task lighting: the focused, directional light designed to illuminate specific regions – think cooking stove or dining area. This more targeted approach ensures you’ll never be squinting while chopping vegetables or scavenging in the shadows of your workspace.

Accent lighting, the final layer in our trio, is your chance to play director and highlight distinguished features in your kitchen. This dramatic light source can highlight the textured tile of your backsplash, underline your open-shelving treasures, or throw focus on your island centrepiece. It’s the cherry on top that elevates your kitchen from beautiful functionality to a striking art piece.

Lastly, while we champion the layered approach in lighting your matt kitchen design, we can’t ignore the importance of energy efficiency in our designs. Opt for energy-saving bulbs or LED lights, aligning your kitchen design with a sustainable future. The clever art of kitchen lighting is not merely decorative but an interplay of form and function, much like your matt kitchen itself.

5. Integration of Quality Appliances

Remember, your kitchen, for all its elegance and aesthetic appeal, is fundamentally a workhorse – relying heavily on the quality and efficiency of its integral appliances.

Your lifestyle and distinctive needs will dictate your choice of appliances. Are you an avid cook who appreciates a high-tech oven or a busy parent who treasures a spacious, hardworking fridge? Tailoring appliance selection based on these nuances can drive your overall satisfaction in your kitchen journey. Handpick appliances that echo your distinctive lifestyle, ensuring your matt kitchen is not just visually appealing but purpose-built around your specific needs, too.

Yet again, as we discuss appliances, the drumbeat of energy efficiency and long-term value sounds loud. Opt for appliances with excellent energy-efficient ratings. They may command a higher purchase price, but the long-term benefits in energy saving and durability should offset the initial cost, making them a smart investment.

Built-in appliances are your secret accomplices in maintaining that seamless look so crucial to a matt style of kitchen. Skilfully concealed within your cabinetry, they blend in effortlessly, eliminating visual clutter while providing all the functionality you need.

Finally, let’s also consider the aesthetics of your appliances when planning your kitchen. They don’t need to resemble an alien accessory amidst your harmonious décor. Silver-toned appliances could juxtapose beautifully with darker matt cabinetry, while black or graphite finishes marry well with lighter shades. By choosing appliance finishes that complement your matt design, you would ensure they enhance rather than compete with your kitchen’s overall appeal.

Remember, a well-appointed kitchen is a balance between aesthetic allure, practical fulfilment, and the seamless integration of appliances that meet your needs while contributing to the overall design scheme.

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6. Personal Touches and Interior Design

The beauty of your kitchen lies not merely in its matt finish, immaculate cabinets, or cutting-edge appliances but significantly in the traces of your taste and lifestyle echoing throughout the space. This is the last of our expert tips but by no means the least important.

Let your matt design be a canvas, ready to portray your personality and interests! Enliven the space with pieces of artwork that resonate with you, injecting colour, pattern, or drama into the muted tones of the kitchen. Incorporating plants can breathe life into your kitchen, adding freshness and lush tones that complement the matt design wonderfully.

Equally, intriguing elements like a striking wall clock, a vintage coffee grinder, or an eclectic collection of spice jars can end up as conversation starters. While enhancing the elegance and style your kitchen is going for. Such elements add soul to the space, making it uniquely yours.

A kitchen island? If you have the space – absolutely!

Don’t underestimate the impact of hardware and accessory selections, either. Whether it’s the sleek pull of a cabinet handle, the old-world charm of a brass faucet, or the contemporary look of stainless steel pendant lights, it is through such details that your kitchen takes on an identity. 

These unique additions deliver a micro-burst of style in surprising corners of your kitchen, subtly yet significantly shaping its personality.

Remember, your kitchen renovation journey is a reflection of you. When we design a kitchen, It’s not simply about the aesthetics, the practicality, the lighting in a kitchen, kitchen storage, or the trends. It’s a space where memories are made, stories are shared, and love is served. It should echo your lifestyle and your palette of personal tastes, etching your unique signature against its stylish, sophisticated backdrop.

When you’re ready to add a touch of luxury to your home, you can trust Matthew James Kitchens to help you create the perfect kitchen space.

Posted by: Matthew James

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