At Matthew James Kitchen we offer a wide selection of solid wood kitchen worktops. Each worktop has its own natural beauty. Since no two pieces of wood are the same, the grain on every single worktop is unique.

Therefore creating a magnificent surface complete with fantastic character. Naturally enduring, naturally hygienic, naturally adaptable; the benefits of solid wood surfaces speak for themselves. 

Not only do solid wood work surfaces look stunning, they have proven antibacterial properties, making them an ideal choice for your kitchen. They look excellent with almost all kitchen styles and colours; nothing beats the natural warmth of real wood.

Solid wood is a material that never goes out of style and guarantees that a kitchen will always be on trend.

Natural wood worktops are a brilliant option for a surface that just carries on looking fabulous. A solid wood worktop will only look better as it ages, gaining in character and patina as its natural colour deepens. Each species of wood is manufactured from a sustainable source, assured by our source of supply FSC accreditation.

To see the full range of solid wood kitchen worktops that we offer pop into our showroom.